Welcome to my brain.

Seriously. Not literally, but seriously.

This site contains most everything I think about. First and foremost, God. After that I fill this website with things that I'm passionate about, videos, photographs, graphic design, and many other assorted thoughts. And I'm very excited to show you all that I care about.

My blog is the reason I even started looking into my own webpage. I kept writing my thoughts about God on Facebook, and when I continually had to cut down on the length of my posts to fit into a status, I decided I would like to start my own page. That resulted in a humble, little blog based on Google's Blogger. After writing my musings there for close to two and a half years, I was presented with an opportunity to get my own website. I jumped on it, and this is what came out of it. I find it much more personal, and it makes me a lot more excited and passionate about the things I've got to show you.

This new site contains much more than the old site, including video projects, some photographic deliberations, and random graphic designs which have much improvement to be made.

Hey, as much as I may not be professional (yet, anyway), I'd like to thank you for stopping by and caring, even if that means letting me know where I could improve.


~ Dale Reimer