A modern, mobile-responsive landing page


Landman is a locally owned and operated construction company focusing on earthworks such as excavation and landscaping. I was contacted by Landman to design a simple, modern website with a strong focus on images rather than text. Additionally, I was tasked with designing new branding & business cards for the company to match the design of the website.


After practicing TypeScript in my personal projects over the past few months, this website is officially the first commercial project I've done using the stricter-but-safer flavor of JavaScript.

As always, the responsive framework uses Sass for styling, but no external libraries were used to create the layout this time. Instead, the site is built using CSS3's Flexbox feature with just a few media breakpoints as needed. Automated compiling of Sass & TypeScript was achieved through Gulp. Fonts are provided by Google Fonts and the slideshow uses the Flickity slider since it's both mobile-friendly and pure JavaScript.

All site graphics were done using Affinity Designer & Photo. The icons and logos were then exported as SVG elements.

Live Site


Blackie Mini Storage desktop view
Detail view of the Blackie Mini Storage website
Blackie Mini Storage tablet menu