Max Q Live

A tech ecosystem to change the world


Founded in Vancouver, Canada by Kerry & Janet McLuhan, Max Q Live is developing technology and establishing global connections using the internet as its platform. Max Q Live is supported primarily by Fortune 500 companies and non-profits dedicated to changing the world. They hope to create a global social network that connects people from around the world in a face-to-face manner, promoting a spirit of wanderlust and adventure while teaching about the issues people face around the globe.


As the sole web developer at Max Q Live for the duration of my stay, my tasks covered all areas of the web stack from design to front-end to back-end to tangentially-related IT. The primary goal was to develop a demo website that could be shown to investors. The website comprised hundreds of pages designed in Adobe Photoshop and written mainly in HTML, CSS, and jQuery, with portions of PHP added to enable templating and speed up production.

Server management was also an occasional part of my job, managing a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) server and writing a few Bash scripts to streamline common maintenance tasks. Networking between servers, computers, and video cameras was also often necessary (along with some video editing) since the development of video streaming software is one focus of the company.

Unfortunately, Max Q Live is not accessible to the public at this time.