Personal projects & other practice


During my schooling it was often necessary to mockup a site for a (sometimes nonexistent) client or to create a quick, functional website as a landing page for some other school project. While these websites may not have needed to reach a fully-polished state of presentation, they still demonstrate an important aspect of the front-end environment.

Occasionally, I'll create mockups for my own personal projects. The review site that my friends and I intermittently update runs on Wordpress using a premade theme. As an experiment, I mocked up a new design for it and created an interactive (though non-functional) demo website, linked below.


All webpage mockups linked or mentioned on this page were initially wireframed with pencil & paper, then designed in Adobe Photoshop. These days Affinity Designer is used for all designs and mockups.

Review Site Design Blog Design


Fake webpage for a class project: SALSA Reader
Blackie Mini Storage tablet menu
Class project to design a website for a fake client: Phoenix Books