Blackie Mini Storage

A small, responsive website for a small, rural business


Blackie Mini Storage is a small company in rural Alberta, providing shipping containers for long-term storage. I was contacted by them and asked to make a simple, clean website that would display nicely on any screen size. It's not a content-heavy site by any means; it's simply to give Blackie Mini Storage a web presence, and allow people to find or contact them more easily.

It may be a small detail, but I'm really proud of the "Directions" button and how its behavior and presentation are adjusted according to the device being used. It's not something that would normally be noticed if you weren't looking for it.


After a year of experimenting with preprocessors, this was my first finished website preprocessed with Pug (aka. Jade) and Sass. It was also the first fully responsive website I had build from scratch, as that had somehow not been part of my school curriculum… It's always an exciting experience to transition from "learning" to "applying".

The responsive framework uses the Bourbon & Neat Sass libraries, while the interactive map uses the Google Maps API. Fonts and icons use Google Fonts and Font Awesome respectively.

In order to teach myself Wordpress, I also created a one-page template duplicating the site. While the front-end remains the same, the backend is powered by Wordpress. (The Google Maps plugin hasn't been updated for this version, however).

Live Site Wordpress Demo


Blackie Mini Storage desktop view
Detail view of the Blackie Mini Storage website
Blackie Mini Storage tablet menu